Bringing in Tyler Walton on Drums

We're proud to have Tyler Walton join the group on drums. It's a big change and will alter the sound and feel of redShift. Thank you Ray Glider for all you did with us. The CD is testament to that!…

Meditation for 5/17

UNITY - On Being One 
              Same Thing



What did the zen master say to the hot dog vendor?

Blue Beet got it right, lol.

Took'em a while to catch on to our new name but they got it!  Beautiful night with some friends and open ears and Stu giving us new inspiration on guitar.  Niiice!  

CD's are being printed!

Yes indeed, CD's are at the printer.  Release will be at the end of March!  

Oliver's moving on ...

It's been a fun and crazy ride with Oliver during the last two years but now it's time for him to follow some other path.  We will miss you, Oliver.  It's been a blast!  To keep us going we will…

Boathouse was a blast!

What a beautiful night of music, reflection and celebration of our great mother - the ocean.  Thank you to all who made it out and packed the Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa - truly the coolest spot for live music…

Oceanz - Friday 1/13

OCEAN     -     Source of Life 

            Overwhelming Abundance 

            Once Tranquil

            Once Terrifying 

            Balanced Chaos 

            In Equilibrium