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redShift Musicworks - Creative Music Ensemble expanding on the traditions and explorations of jazz, rock, fusion, blues, classical, experimental, hip-hop, reggae & more

Nada Brahma - the world is sound - originisnow. 

We work with structured sound designed to invite and explore reflective meditation, human reaction, intentional creation and is influenced and inspired by the current manifestation of our species. An invitation to engage in authentic listening and inspired evolution and to create positive social change to uplift the consciousness of humanity. Our overwhelming need to address things visually can be balanced with the wholeness of sound – we just need to listen without distraction. Sound is everything – Nada Brahma – everything is sound. We learn to listen to our minds, our bodies, and the universe. Sound – The Origin Is Now.

Music has the power to transform our emotions, attitudes, spiritual moods, relationships, perspectives, passions, knowledge. We should support this part of music and elevate it above the goals of entertainment. Social, philosophical, psychological and spiritual changes are the groundwork for our development and growth and cannot be measured in dollars. Changing our consciousness and awakening from past nightmares and traumas to embrace true love is the way to divert our collision course with our limits.   

Influenced by Weather Report; Kamasi Washington; King Crimson; David Murray; Medesky, Martin and Wood; Sonny Fortune; Pink Floyd; Art Ensemble of Chicago; Snarky Puppy;  Jimi Hendrix;  Bob Marley; Radiohead; World Saxophone Quartet; Carla Bley; Allman Brothers,

Last Wednesday in January 

Wrapping up the first month of 2019 with an evening of all-original redShift back at the Blue Beet Cafe. New year - new tunes, time keeps giving - check your options.

Power in harmony - weakness in dissonance, Limits in structure - choice in chaos


The duty of privilege is absolute integrity.


Don’t fret about what you don’t want, 

for down you go in fear. 

Be thankful and rise up in hope, 

for all you want is here.

Peace at Peace 

Finishing February on March 6th, First Tuesday of the Month at the Blue Beet Cafe. 

Peace At Peace

Bring It Together

Letting It Be

Agree To Disagree

Love is the Medium @ The Boathouse Collective 

If we bathe our words in love, they heal. If we bathe them in anger, they hurt. If we bathe them in sadness, they weather. This Saturday we want Love to be the Medium for our music. #keepmesacool, #livemusic, #redShiftmusicworks, #boathousecollective

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Previous events

Fiberreed Endorser Jam

 —  —

La Cave Restaurant, 1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Honored to host the NAMM Fiberreed Endorser Jam at La Cave Restaurant in Costa Mesa, Sat. 1/25. Saxplayers from around country and around the world will share their musical passions with SoCal ears. #fiberreed #redshiftmusicworks #lacavecostamesa

Last Wednesday in December

 —  —

Blue Beet Cafe, 107 21st Place, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Special holiday edition redShift Duo - Stu Goodis, guitar and Dannie Hofmann, sax. We will have a special guest join us: Singer-songwriter Paula Gabriel sharing her jazz talents with us. Happy Holidays!

Last Wednesdays of the Month

 —  —

Blue Beet Cafe, 107 21st Place, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Every Last Wednesday of the Month we hit the Blue Beet Cafe and offer up a musical incantation to the spirits of this earth. Presence, Awareness and Curiosity are our guiding principles this month. Libations and nourishment available.

The Tao of Jazz - redShift & The Authenticity Show - Concert & Podcast

 —  —

Heartspace - School for Multi-dimensional Healing Arts and Sciences, 18271 W. McDurmott, Ste G&H, Irvine, CA 92614

Concert & Podcast - The Tao Of Jazz,

Life as improvised structure ... in music and words. We riff and play off of each other, deepening the meaning of the conversation. Rhythms and tones grow rich with meaning, just like familiar words. One informs the other when we listen. We improvise upon the structure of language, of music and life with suspense, surprise and fulfillment.

LaCave presents redShift

 —  —

La Cave , 1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

First time at LaCave with redShift - great steaks, seafood and cocktails - and the music starts when the kitchen closes. Cozy and intimate - come to listen or dance.